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Having Enough

"I make myself rich by making my wants few."-Henry David Thoreau. Our incessant craving for more pulls us away from being grateful for what we already have and towards what we lack. We constantly seek satisfaction with a mindset that is tarnished with dissatisfaction. A feeling of contentment is always just beyond our grasp.

There is a subtle distinction between wanting something and craving it. When our wants become a compulsion or craving, we become driven and It is impossible to enjoy the experience. Just because you crave something, doesn't mean you have to indulge your fantasy. It is important to be aware of the subliminal sales pitches that your inner ad agency is constantly tantalizing you with. Often when you do engage or indulge in that seemingly delectable object or experience, you recognize that it doesn't measure up to your hyped up expectations.

Challenge yourself to engage your life as much as possible by enjoying things rather than grasping or clinging to them. Hold onto life loosely with a relaxed grip and savor your experiences.

Whenever you observe yourself drifting into a craving mentality rather than one of simply enjoying, take a step back and move into a mindset of contentment and gratitude. Consciously let go of the compulsive craving that is pulling you in a direction that you may not actually wish to go in. Substitute your notion of lack to one of satisfaction, contentment and a sense of having enough. Doing this will ensure, that as you go about your life, you will carry an underlying sense of happiness and gratitude deep inside of yourself.

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